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Chronicles of Ruin




In the game of Ruin, Castle and Juggernaut are an unbeatable duo because of their close friendship. But that wasn't always the case. First came blood and violence 


The road to greatness comes with a heavy price. Chronicles of Ruin. A four issue comic series coming in 2024.



Written by Dennis Culver

Credits: Dennis Culver writes a bunch of books for DC comics including Unstoppable Doom Patrol, Knight Terrors Zatanna and Future State Gotham. He's also know for his creator owned books like Burnouts and Crone


Cover Design by Baldemar Rivas

Credits: Drawing for DC comics, I got to work on two limited series called Robins, and an elseworld called DC Mech (so far). Kenny Porter and I got to create our own DC Universe with all the heroes piloting giant Mechs. My first big break is an Image horror comic called Unearth. I have been doing Covers lately for various companies like Skybound, Boom, IDW, Titan, and many more.


More projects coming soon

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